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Medicare Supplements

Learn who to contact, what to say when you contact them, and how to get applications written. This is the best path toward high residual income.

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Testimonial from 8/1/13:  
Chris, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to access the vast wisdom and knowledge of your system along with the guidance.  I was a little nervous but confident that I would be able to help this couple.  The gentlemen is 71 and had plan N with MOO paying $183.57 monthly and his wife is 67 paying 156.79 with MOO on their plan F.  They were local so I met them in their home.  I briefly explained in detail about the difference in Plan F and G and they completely understood.  I wrote both of them a plan G with New Era of $131.58 for him and $110.74 for her!  They couldn't believe it.  What they didn't understand was why the previous Agent didn't take the time to explain.  I told them not to worry because I will be their Agent for life!  I will be going back in October to replace their PDP's as well during AEP. 
Thanks so much again.
Bobby J., Texas
P.S.  I also got a referral from them in which I have already contacted and will go see them and I WILL write them also.

Medicare Advantage

Learn the difference between the various types of Medicare Advantage plans - their strengths, weaknesses, and how to market them.

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