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Make many calls at once – don't waste TIME.

Note from Chris:
This dialer company comes highly recommended because they have a support staff that is available to help you every day until 8pm. Their dialer has received numerous awards and is used nationally by such organizations as the Nat'l Association of Realtors,  Allstate, and more. Never again will you be wondering what the dialer is actually calling behind the scenes. Now, you have the opportunity to see it in action every step of the way. It also has built-in CRM capabilities to monitor your lead's progression, a calendar that integrates into Outlook and Gmail, and the ability to send your lead one of three pre-determinated e-mail templates with your contact information, right while you're on the phone with them still.


This is a discounted rate on a fantastic predictive dialer.

This is $79 for Unlimited dialing.

Or $99 for Unlimited, WITH DATA included!

Note: This is a very significant discount only for members of
Termination of your membership means the dialer deal is no longer available and the discount would be removed.

 Endorsement by Grant Cardone

(Training from Grant available at +$10/mo.)

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$79 4-Line Dialer w/ Discount

$99 Dialer with Data, too

 There is no contract or obligation.

Features include:

Quad Line Power Dialer– Our Quad-line dialer calls out at a blazing speed of 400 (LIVE) calls per hour. Based on the latest technology our dialer has the best call quality on the market.  When a call is answered, our power dialer is so fast you hear the very “first hello” with crystal clear phone quality. offers 2 ways for clients to connect to our servers

1. Copper wire telecom technology- Dial into our servers via a land line or cell phone. Instead of having you dial a long distance number, you are given  a local number to dial into. This lets you dial into our servers with no long distance charges.

2. Sip phone software- Make calls via the Internet using our Ajax direct push technology. No phone line needed!

Abandonment Rate Meter – Don’t be fined thousands and thousands of dollars. Dont know what this is? The FTC thinks you should and if you don’t know, you better find out!

Schedule and send a series of emails (drip email marketing) to your prospects to stay in touch with them automatically through out the sales process.

Email blast features- Send out thousands and thousands of emails to leads or contacts in seconds.

Real time lead alerts- Get real time alerts on when leads open emails and you have the ability to click and call the leads as they are reading emails. They are at their desk, not at lunch or in a meeting. There is no better time to call the lead then while they are reading your email. Now you know when they are at their desk!

New- Create a video of you or your company or upload a video into our email system. Create and play slides in emails. This new technology engages the lead much more then regular emails.

Ability to change the number of lines on the fly– Dial one to four lines at a time.

Change the caller ID to any number at any time-This is useful if you have called a list multiple times. Simply change the CID number to another number or even a local number to increase the pick up rate.

Rerun your (got leads),(Call backs) through the system as many times as needed to filter down the prospects that are truly interested.

Media Library– Have unlimited number of on hold and answering machine recordings and switch them out per campaign.

Push lead technology– Push leads to your own CRM vendor like, Leads360, Blitz lead manager and Quote burst.

Leaves pre-recorded messages on answering machines in your voice, while your talking to prospects.

Editable disposition buttons– Change and track your leads better with editable disposition buttons. You can track leads better by creating disposition buttons that cater to your business.

Auto Notes Script Technology– Automatically track the status of leads by auto notes script technology. It automatically documents in the notes field when leads are called, when a voice message is left, email is sent, and email is opened. You don’t have to type anything.

Send emails (templates) to leads- Send pre-designed email templates to leads while you are talking to the lead.

Pick up to 3 email templates on the fly- Pick and choose 3 different email templates on the fly while talking to the lead.

Track leads from cradle to grave

Real time Internet leads- Get real time leads from vendors? can have your real time leads imported into your system automatically.

Time Zone protection– Stops you from calling to areas that are earlier than 9AM and 9PM.

Sales Coach Recorder– Record your calls and have your coach or trainer listen in and coach you after the call is over. (no additional cost)

Employee tracking reports– Track you employees to make sure they are making calls and getting leads. Know when they log in, log out, talk minutes, number of leads, phone calls etc…

Productivity Modules. Track your ROI per call,per hour, and sales per day and per hour.

Lead tracking modules. Change you leads from Red-hot, yellow-warm and blue-cold so you can track the interest level and concentrate on your hot leads in real time. This module also has the ability to change notes on prospects in real time as well.

Schedule reminders, Callbacks, and appointments for call backs for prospects. syncs with your calendar– Your appointments, reminders and call backs will show up on your outlook or Gmail calendar.

Mac Compatible

Cloud based- You can log in from anywhere, from any computer and start making calls. Not tied to a software based dialer! More flexibility.

Daily planner– Gives you an over view of your calendar for today with tasks, appointments, call backs etc…

Members only