Stop Being Needy = Increase Sales

Having been asked to listen to recordings of hundreds and hundreds of agents getting started in selling by phone, one common theme has held many back.

Brett Kitchen, in this video below, talks about this problem when selling over the phone and how to address it. I call it “practice it until you perfect it.” Others call it, “Fake it 'til you make it.” Either way, you have to be aware of the potential to sound TOO interested in the sale outcome and you have to know what effect it has on people.

Brett's group sells IUL (indexed universal life) products by phone to high-income individuals using radio ads.

No matter what you're selling over the phone, this issue can be a problem! They can hear desperation through the phone!

And remember what Mike Brooks says in the Top 20% Webinar series (at the bottom of this page), “A bad lead never gets better.” Move on from angry, disgruntled, difficult people!


Medicare Supplement Training


Near Zero Income Taxes? Chris Checked it Out (VIDEO)

Chris, his son CJ, and friend, Eugene, took a trip to Puerto Rico this past week to investigate this incredible tax incentive further.

Since 2012, businesses such as ours (where we work over the phone) can move to Puerto Rico and pay literally 0% personal income tax.

The corporate tax rate is 4% and there are no other taxes, period. This is under Act 20, Puerto Rican law. As a United States Territory, all federal US laws apply except for taxation and voting, which is left up to the people of Puerto Rico. They cannot vote for the US President at election time, but they enjoy their own system of taxation.

Chris has been researching this incentive for the past two years. This trip was the culmination of lots of research and planning. Chris met with two different accounting firms. One firm, BDO in San Juan, wants to charge $12,000 for the filing of the decree documents. The other, Tax Credits International, wanted to charge $20,000 for this same service.

Chris documented his visit in these two videos. Chris' next step is to take the family to see Palmas Del Mar in 2016.

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Remember, this is amateur videography, folks!!

Here is Part 1:

They look better in full screen, click that box [ ] on the bottom right of the video player.


Here is Part 2:

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“I Want to Think About it” Objection

I want to think about it

Here are some ideas for those times when you hear, “Thanks for the information, I want to think it over and I'll get back to you.”:

Objection: “I want to think it over”

Option 1:

“I understand. Just out of curiosity:

  • “Do you understand that the benefits are exactly the same, just a better cost now, right?”
    • “And do you understand what we mean when we say, nothing changes in your doctor, hospital, and options here, don’t you?”
    • “Then while we’re on the phone together, what other questions do you have?

[If None]

“Then just to clarify my thinking, what part of this do you need to think over?

Option 2:

“Are you going to be thinking over the better Medicare Supplement costs we spoke about today, or about whether or not this solution is the right fit for you?

Option 3:

“I know I’ve given you a lot to think about today, do you mind me asking what part of this you’d like to think over?”

Option 4:

“I understand, and I’m sure you’ve got other options to consider…do you mind if I ask how we’re stacking up to what you’re also looking at?”

Option 5:

“__________, it sounds like you’re probably considering other options as well – do you mind if I ask who else you’re looking into?”


“And how do we stack up compared to them?”

Option 6:

“__________, besides yourself, who else would be weighing in on this?”

Option 7:

“I totally understand; many people I speak with want to consider all their options before making a decision. Tell me, who else is in the running for this?”

Option 8:

“That’s no problem. Level with me, if you would, what would be holding you back from saying yes right now?”


“And is this even a realistic option for you?”

Option 9:

“And as you think about it right now, what would be the major reason for not moving forward with it?”

Option 10:

“I understand – not everyone I speak with is ready to move forward with it right away. Quick question:

“What would you need to see here for you to say yes to the savings/best plan you qualify for?”

Thanks for inspiration from Mike Brooks on these! 

-Chris Westfall

Faster Internet with Security

This is how I get a faster internet connection, with the utmost security, no matter where I am.

I wrote four applications from a Chicago hotel, using their WiFi connection + VOIP (internet phone connection using Skype Out) + screen share ( and the video on the screen.. worked perfectly.

I'm not guaranteeing your internet speed will increase. I am telling you, though, that you do need this type of internet security!

Watch Video Here:

Brett, one of our members, tried it on the first day I posted this.
This is what Brett said:
“That VPN video was awesome!  Signed up and went from download speed of 55 to 96!
Thanks again brother for all you do!   Keep it up!”

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Anywhere, Anytime – This is Easy!

Chris was in Chicago for the weekend and still wrote four policies from a high rise hotel.
This is how it's done!

See the video:

Tax Deductions for Insurance Agents

Gold Nugget Interview Series

What You Need to Know about Taxes!

Watch the Full Replay here:

*Hosted by Christopher Westfall and Sandy Botkin

About the presenter:  Sandy Botkin is a CPA, tax attorney and a former IRS trainer. He has been trained millions of small businesses and independent contractors on how to get their taxes down to the lowest legal limit. He is a bestselling author of “Lower Your Taxes Big Time” and several other best-selling business books. Sandy is a frequent guest tax expert on NBC, ABC, Fox, and CNN. 


I don’t like technology!

Have you heard someone repeatedly say, “I can't do technology”, or “I don't do computers”, or “Technology is not my friend”, or “I'm not good with computers”?

See the video:

This is a cop out from trying UNTIL you get it.
It takes time, and you can absolutely, positively figure it out (with with my help on

My best advice is to never let those words come out of your mouth again.
By letting yourself hear those words from your mouth, you are absolutely, without a doubt, sabatoging your success, your business, and your potential income.

Whatever your mouth says, your mind believes.
You can have what you say.

Try this instead, “I'm learning how to use the computer.”
“I am getting better and better at the computer.”
“I was a late comer to technology, but I'm getting the hang of it.”

Then, stop learning WHEN you've learned it.
Do not give up UNTIL you get it down.
Do not stop trying different things UNTIL you get it to work or find the resource to explain it in a way that you understand better.

This rant of blunt truth is just the beginning.. It's time for me to stop hand holding and start telling the truth straight to folks. Some will, some won't do it, but it really is the agent's choice – either way.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.” – Henry Ford

Cesar Rodriguez – Yes Formula

Cesar is now a friend of mine and has some great content in his free webinar that you can attend with the link below.

I guarantee you will get A LOT out of this.

“Former 21yr old Clueless, Broke College Kid Reveals The Secret Lead Generation, Prospecting, & Closing Techniques He Used to Earn His First Million Dollars By The Age of 29″

See the webinar at this link:


A little clip from our Self Improvement Page on Cesar:

Caesar Rodriguez on Destination Thinking

Mike Brooks – Overcoming Initial Resistance

This is a replay of Mike Brook's webinar:  Overcoming Initial Resistance.

While Mike uses this webinar to sell his book of scripts, there is great content here.

Click the image to see the video:


Medicare Supplement Study – March 1 Webinar

March 1 Webinar
This is a presentation on the results of a comprehensive study looking at the Medicare Supplement industry and senior satisfaction.