How come I can’t have those rates?

The quote engine we see is a reflection of today's published rates by the carrier.
This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rate the long time customer is paying right now.

What you are seeing on the quote engine software, or the rates offered today, does not in any way correspond with the rate increase that a particular person has received over the period of time with the company.

You are not looking at THEIR rates that they have risen to, right now.
You are merely looking at what the rates would be, today, if the person was a new client.

This is a better way to present it. I tell them that if they were a NEW customer with THEIR same insurance company, they would be treated MUCH better today. Insurance companies do not reward loyalty. They are always offering better deals for the NEW people. Just like a cable company, cell phone company, etc.

Even today, gym memberships, etc. will offer a very special program, but the small print says, “Not available to current members.” It is because they already have you, lock, stock, and barrel.

If you don't shop the market, at least every two years, you are at a tremendous disadvantage.
The insurance companies are loyal to one thing – the DOLLAR. And they want new clients, always.
The ones they've already got, they'll continue to raise the rates faster.
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