Equitable Life Nixes HHD in Illinois

Equitable Life Medicare Supplement announced that their 7% household discount in the State of Illinois has been discontinued, following regulatory intervention from the state.

Equitable's unique household discount required only one member to be signed with Equitable's Medicare Supplement and, if they lived with anyone in the house over the age of 30 (but not more than 5 people in the residence) they qualified for their 7% “household” discount.

Other companies that have “household” discounts, such as Mutual of Omaha, have been unable (as of yet) to get theirs approved in Illinois.
Mutual of Omaha and Aetna both have spouse discounts that require both to be covered for a discount to apply.

In other states, however, Mutual of Omaha is rolling out a 12% household discount if the covered member lives in a home with anyone over the age of 60.

In it unknown whether Equitable's household discount will be replaced with a spouse discount, requiring both policy holders to own Equitable's policy in order to qualify for a discount.

See the Equitable statement:

Equitable Life Household Discount Announcement


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