New Requirement for MAPD Sales

Do you sell Medicare Advantage plans or Part D plans?

If so, in addition to the AHIP test, there is now another, separate test administered only through CMS and it is required.

This test is on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse, as there always had been in the AHIP test already, but now it's required separately.

Courtesy of United Healthcare, this is a link to the instructions as to how to find and take this simple test:

Click here for the document


Medicare Supplement Training

United American Suspended from Medicare Part D Program

As of August 1, 2015, United American (a Torchmark company) has been suspended indefinitely from participation in the Medicare Part D program.

Read the notice here

Video review and analysis:


Medicare Supplement Training

Donut Hole Explained – Coverage Gap in 2015

This new graphical flyer from Humana does a good job of explaining how the donut hole applies to the Medicare recipients on their Part D drug plan (or embedded drug plan in their MAPD).

Click here for the PDF flyer: Doughnut Hole for 2015

Doughnut Hole for 2015


And here's a helpful video that Chris did for his clients to explain the doughnut hole.. this video is from 2013, but you'll get the point!

See the video:

Radio Interview with Chris Westfall on Medicare

On November 15, 2014, Chris Westfall was interviewed on the “Money Matters” radio program on WSC 94.3FM in Charleston, SC.

The show's host, Rick Durkee, is a well known financial advisor in the greater Charleston area with a financial services firm dedicated to those that are retiring or already in retirement. Chris met Rick through a mutual friend at the radio station and Chris was invited to be a guest on the show, in recognition of the “Medicare season” going on.

Here is the interview, edited by Chris for brevity (commercials removed):