Accendo Medicare Supplement

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I just got YELLED at!



I just got yelled at by a client. It was not one of MY clients, but another agent for “forgot” to tell her new client that they would also have to cancel their OLD Medicare insurance policy now that they have gone to her.

The importance of checklists, when selling insurance, cannot be overstated. Without one, sometimes we forget each and every detail that MUST be effectively communicated to the new client. Forgetting just one can have tragic financial consequences for the client.

See the After Application Checklist on the Tools You Need page.


See the video:



Medicare Supplement Training

From Washington DC – Potential Changes For Us

Updates from this week that we spent in Washington, DC and what to expect in Medicare for this AEP and beyond..   {“@context”: “”,”@type”: “VideoObject”,”name”: “DCTrip1″,”description”: “This video contains DCTrip1″,”thumbnailUrl”: “”,”uploadDate”: “2019-08-29T12:01:16.000Z”,”duration”: 1574.29} NAHU is working on several legislative initiatives….


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Proving Telephone Sales with Online Leads is Viable

Spring Venture Group is an Icon

With their main location in Kansas City, Missouri, Spring Venture group now has over 700 agents in their building. They are expanding into other locations and soon will be over 1,000 agents, all selling Medicare products all over the phone. How? They are creating their own online leads and they are converting those leads into new customers.

Why is this working?

The business model of selling Medicare products over the phone is not new anymore.

Several folks, like Richard Cantu, who sold his phone-sales agency for nearly $50 Million to E-Health with the same business model, and Chris Guliani of Spring Venture Group have proven that this concept of online lead generation to telephone sales conversion works on as big of a scale as you would want to grow.


Spring Venture Group on Sales Ethics When Selling by Phone

I had a chance to meet with Chris Guliani (SVG's CEO) in 2018 on a carrier trip to Portugal:

Chris Juliani, Taylor Martin, Jagger Esch, Christopher Westfall

Actually, Richard Cantu was there, too, as was Jagger Esch of MedicareFAQ, another hugely successful phone-based Medicare agency in Florida who also uses online advertising to great success, and Taylor Martin of Senior Security Benefits in Texas, another super-successful phone-based insurance marketing organization in Texas.

The conversation on the beach that day, and throughout the trip, was centered around how thankful we were to have, first, found this industry and second, to have found it in a day and age where technology has allowed us to be more successful than any other generation prior. Chris Guiliani and I brought our children on the Portugal adventure. This was our daughter's first trip out of the country and they were amazed. 

The use of the telephone, first invented in 1876, to move the insurance industry forward by enormous leaps and bounds starting in the 1990s, coupled with digital marketing for lead generation in the 2000s means that we are at the right place, with the right set of products, at the right time.

Sprint Venture Group, EHealth, GoMedigap, MedicareFAQ, Senior Healthcare Direct (aka “MedicareBob”), BoomerBenefits, MedicareMedigapDirect, and countless other phone-based agencies who generate their own leads using online platforms all prove that this is the market to be in.

Each and every one of these agencies started as a single producer who had the vision to grow what works, to scale. Many of them have taken on partners to grow even faster. Having made friendships with these agency owners, I have been truly inspired by their success and even more motivated in the knowledge that if it can be done, I, too, can accomplish anything I want to in this industry – using a telephone.


Christopher L. Westfall, Sr.


Desktop Screen Sharing

One of our members, Curtis, posted the following message in the member forums. He was asking specifically whether or not anyone has used RingCentral and their experiences with their new screen sharing/video conferencing platform. Please see the video reply under…


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Post-AEP Opportunities / OEP and SEP

This is a pretty good webinar from Humana on the opportunities beyond AEP for the Medicare Advantage space. Video: {“@context”: “”,”@type”: “VideoObject”,”name”: “Humana How to Navigate OEP and New SEP Opportunities”,”description”: “This video contains Humana How to Navigate OEP and…


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How to Select an FMO for Medicare Sales

Here, in this real call I received from an FMO recruiting operation, you can hear some good questions you should be asking before you are contractually obligated to an FMO. 

See the video, then the tips underneath:

Questions to ask:

  1. Full commission. This means nothing short of the same the carrier offers, directly.
  2. Release upon request. The top FMO in the country DOES NOT offer releases, ever. Find out.
  3. Actual sales experience in the market.
    (An insurance license is easy to get. How much success have they had actually selling, personally?)
  4. Availability during YOUR sales hours.. Do you speak with clients after hours? Weekends? When is YOUR upline available?
    Bankers hours, only? When will they get back to you on actionable intelligence to help close the sale?
  5. How many “President's Club” and Carrier Awards trips has your immediate upline been on? What does that mean or not mean?
  6. Relationship with carrier reps who know what products are coming, where, and when.

Would you like to discuss where your contracts are? Write to: [email protected] anytime.