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Contracting with us with insurance carriers is NOT required, but available upon request.
Contracts are accepted by members only.

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How much can I make?

Here's an example:

Here is a recent example for a couple in Augusta, GA.. a zip code of 30904.   Writing both of them Plan G.
Him: CIGNA $143.17 Premium
Her: CIGNA: $124.49 Premium
TOTAL Premium: $267.36

Commission with CIGNA: 22%
$58.81 or 12 months advanced=$705.83 to the agent
Amount earned every month after the advance period:$58.81 per mo.
Total earned over these six years with them:$4,234.98 just on the Med Supps.
However, you might move them two years from now, to a higher premium with another company that may be best for them. 
If so, you get a raise, probably from $58 per month to about $62 per month, typically..then the 6 year clock starts over again, too.


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“What?   You mean your training isn't free?”

If you've sold one policy with my agency then yes, glad to have you at no charge.
If you have sold something with me, already, send a support request here and we will e-mail you a secret discount code that makes training and support FREE for life.
(Selling a policy on yourself or controlled business (your family) does not qualify. Part D sales do not qualify.)

If you have not sold a policy, of any type, through my agency, then you are still welcome to join with a membership.
Contracts are available, although NOT required, as we provide training for 5 other FMO's.
Our contracts are found at and are only available to active members here.

(Note: If you then later are released and leave, we reserve the right to cancel the membership.)

My time is valuable to me and, unlike my early days in business as an agency, I don't have the time to sit on the phone with “prospective” agents and give them all that  I know for free.

It just doesn't work, as my accountant says this cannot qualify as a “non-profit organization”.

Yes, you can get contracts anywhere, and when you get your contracts from a large FMO or IMO, you're likely getting it from a marketer paid by the hour to get contracts signed.

Then, you're off on your own. Good luck with that.

Your “marketer” at the large FMO gets an incentive per contract that they collect from you.
They are (usually) not in the business of selling to consumers and writing applications – just more contracts.

no support

Guess what their answer is when you ask for training that particular company? Try asking your big name FMO to walk you through the latest version of Company XYZ‘s electronic application! Ask them what shortcuts or pitfalls to look out for with a new company's product launch. Ask them who is best to do business with for someone with a unique underwriting challenge. They won't know.

They only process and collect contracts, hoping that you will figure it all out on your own and write some business for them. This method of agent recruiting is called, “Throw enough  on the wall and hope some of it sticks.

That's how the large agencies operate. How much good is that completed, locked up contract if you don't know where to write it, how to write it, what the strengths are and the best way to present it?

The very simple fact is this: If your marketer is not out there writing business each and every day, they do not know what is going on.

They'll either tell you that they're not a licensed agent, or that they “don't have enough time” to actually sell, themselves.

I've heard that story now thousands of times.  

And, that is not what I'm offering here.

I'm offering real, hands-on experience and insider information that will help you shorten your learning curve.

I am still in the trenches, writing applications all the time, and experiencing the latest changes with the carriers that I can pass on to you, in real-time as the opportunities or problems arise. I also have inside contacts at almost all of the carriers and national distributors who tell me what company or new plan will be launching and where the early opportunities will be.

Our members get this information in real-time. You are not alone. Now, because of this membership site, I get to spend 100% of my agent time with the 20% of agents who are serious about their business and are committed to their success.

This site is a screening vehicle that has now worked wonders in weeding out those who are “tire kickers” vs. those that are serious about their business of helping seniors with their Medicare insurance.

This allows me to focus on the producers.. the critical people in my life.

So, you can keep your contracts where they are and become a member, or you can contract with my agency here and sell something. Either way, you're welcome here. I know you will find tremendous benefit in the work I have put forward here. You can only have one thing in this life.. excuses or results, but you can't have both.  By being a member of the site, I am able to bring you in-person reports from the national training conferences where I'm meeting with company heads and industry leaders. These events often provide excellent opportunities for networking with the best of the best in our industry.
nationalmedicaresupplementconference2013aNational Med Supp Conference Scottsdale, AZ   Meeting with Industry LeadersSenior Summit Columbia, MO

Also, our expert interview series brings you information from top producers and what they have learned to bring them to the top. Microphones At Press Conference Christopher Westfall [email protected] We have one membership level, and that is full access. This membership level provides access to the training modules as well as access to the constantly-updated webinars that stay on top of the latest opportunities in the Medicare marketing world.

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The membership is $97 one-time, then $29 each month thereafter.
You can cancel at any time. Support is available all day, every day.

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The updates are worth the cost of membership, alone.

Find out where you should be focusing your marketing efforts. You will see what companies are launching what products in what states. You will also learn where price increases are being announced to the existing customers there. This means opportunity.  medicare supplement marketing opportunities   You will also receive training on Medicare in general, then specifically how to best market Medicare Supplements and other related products to best maximize the opportunities to gain new clients. Then, you will be able to offer other products to these happy clients and they'll be thankful to you for it.

There is no obligation to remain a member. You can cancel anytime.

However, as a member, you will be on-going access to industry news and

opportunities from agents that are already making the most of this information.

Medicare Supplement Training at

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is to return to seniors what is rightfully theirs.

We save seniors money on what they already know and love.

It is just that simple.

And we continue to find better ways to accomplish that mission.



It is a GREAT feeling to help seniors to save

$60, $80, even $200 per month!

happy with money

I know, by this point you're asking yourself, 
“Is it really worth it to PAY for training for my business?”


Here's the answer:

If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always been getting.


no obligation

 by Russell Noga on
You're CRAZY to not let Chris help you!

I've owned a Med supp agency and digital marketing company for 11 years, and known Chris for several of those. No matter how long you've been in the business, you simply cannot stay on top of it all. Chris does the research and seeks out the info we can't do and helps us tremendously stay on top of things. I had nothing like this when I started, any new agent would be crazy to not take advantage of the wealth of resources Chris offers!

 by Tatiana Torres on
The best money I have invested in my business

I want to thank Chris for such a great event, his dedication and care really came through. The speakers, the attendees, the material, even the city where it took place, everything was excellent. Before I went to the event I had hesitations about how good it was gonna be and if it was worth it the investment.. I'm GLAD I WENT!!! I want to attend ANY event Chris organizes from now on. The best business seminar I have attended in 16 years I've been in the insurance industry!!

 by Tim ODell on
Medicare Supplement Boot Camp Live Training

WOW!!! It takes a lot to impress me and let me tell you I was blown away! Chris and his team put on an awesome live event with some amazing guest speakers. I have been to many events over the years. Many of them filled with HYPE and them pushing their goods down your throat to purchase at the event only super duper deal of a lifetime, making you feel like you attended a sales presentation and NOT a training event! Well this event was certainly NOT a sales event as there was NOTHING to buy! It was loaded with PURE training! Thank you Chris and your team and also your guest speakers!
I now have the COMPLETE blueprint to take my business to the level of not only providing a great retirement income for my bride and myself, but to leave a very nice financial legacy for generations to come! May God continue to bless you, your beautiful family and your business!

 by Ed Parham on
Medicare BootCamp

My only regret is that I'm 77 years old, 44 years in the business, as technology is pretty deep stuff for me. Can you imagine the young guys taking this info and focusing on following Chris' game plan, that he paid a price to get there, after 44 years they will have that big jet that Russell alluded to. If Chris decides make this an annual event, I see it becoming something agents will be looking forward to each year and getting larger. Thankful I was there, will take some of the marketing strategy and make the most. Hope to see you folks again!

 by Donita Layman on
Great Event

Great Event in Charleston...learned more in two days then I have in 6 years in the business. Thank you so much for sharing God will truly bless you for your efforts.

 by Bartley Meaders on
Charleston Boot Camp

I've been attending 'seminars' for 30 years. This was Hands Down the most beneficial workshop I've ever attended. It addressed spot on the difficulties I've experienced attempting to address internet marketing. Thanks for reading my mind! It was 'worth the trip'. Thank you and let's do it again next year--I'll be happy to report my progress.

 by Phil M on
Charleston Medicare Agent Boot Camp

Hi Chris,
Great Boot Camp without all the fluff and puff.
Fast paced seminar, chocked with valuable information for a very underestimated section of health insurance - Medicare Supplements.
In the long term, Medicare supplements are a much more lucrative business than Obamacare without all the rules, regulations, and customer service.
The Best to you, your family and your staff for a great experience!
Regards, Phil

Great event !!

What a fantastic info filled event. I got so much great insight and motivation from all the masters. Met some really great people too.Thank you Chris for putting on such a good event in Charleston! Will definitely come next year again

Thanks again

 by Melissa Adams on
Outstanding Training!

All I can say Chris is wow! Class act, so much valuable information. My head is swimming I got so many great ideas and learned so much. I really appreciate the fact that all the information came from people actually applying it. Thank you so much for putting this all together.

 by Ken Downen on
Boot Camp

Hi Chris, I would have to give you a 9 out of a possible 10 on your seminar. (I didn't give you a 10 because I didn't want to give you the big head.) Seriously though I do appreciate the time and effort it must have taken to put this together. There was so much valuable information to take advantage of. I am now dedicated more than ever to get those videos out. I would have liked to heard more from you on your specific program but it was still worth the trip.

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instant access now
Membership is a one-type payment of $97 and then $29 per month thereafter.
All information is available immediately, and you can cancel any time, but you won't want to!