Corona Virus, Hurricanes, Snow and Seniors

The insurance industry has, for the past 15 years at least, been moving faster and faster toward telephone transactions only.

Whether it is hurricane season, snow-blocked roads, or spreading viruses where seniors are most vulnerable, seniors would much rather NOT have you come inside their home in 2020 and beyond.

More than ever before, seniors are more likely to trust a licensed agent on the phone and the difficulties of the 1990's in this arena have almost completely disappeared.

Where, in the past, insurance agents would need to scramble to create trust and credibility as to the process of conducting business by phone, today it is completely normal, even for seniors, to conduct all financial transactions by telephone and online. Insurance is no different.

With all of the insurance companies now offering easy online enrollment tools for agents, most not requiring a signature of any kind, it has never been easier to run our business 100% over the phone.

Our internal agency has been growing in leaps and bounds and there is no stopping the growth.

Companies like E-Health, Spring Venture Group, and many others have created call centers up to 1,000 agents sitting in one building doing enrollments over the phone all day, every day.

The number of products and services now being offered 100% online means that agents must make a choice: Either be limited by travel, distance, and physical constraints of how many clients you can help in a day or be unlimited by using the telephone, a headset, and simply-scalable office helpers who can continue to grow your enterprise without experiencing rain, sleet, snow, hurricanes or yes, even pandemic viruses!

While many FMO's (Field Marketing Organizations that sell insurance products) continue to spend 99% of their time pushing contracts onto new agents, there is one organization that has existed since 2013 with the sole purpose to share real, actionable intel to agents from being an actual practitioner… An organization that actually sells insurance to the senior community each and every day and actually shares what they've learned and what is working on the site: Medicare Agent

So, while pushing contracts is not the goal of this organization, top-level contracts are available via Actual agent success is why this site exists and it is knowledgable support that has made the difference in the lives of countless agents in the site's first 7 years of existence.

Near-24 hour support on how to issue the right case to the right client at the right time with the right product and carrier exists via immediate-response support tickets on the MedicareAgentTraining site for members.

This feature, alone, has saved thousands of client acquisitions for agents who simply did not know what they could do in particular situations, often involving unique special election periods that their prospective client could qualify for. And yet still, the contract-pushing FMO's know nothing except what new company is offering what bonus, and what they have been told to push, by management.

Updates from industry insiders are provided to site members.
These are updates from top producers, not contract pushers or seminar promoters.

Do as I do, not as I say.“, is the motto at Medicare Agent Training.

We help agents to effectively communicate to seniors and efficiently deliver the right product from the right carrier at the right time.

Seniors don't want you at their front door.
They don't want to get dressed up, put the dog away, or offer you something to drink.
They do it because it is polite. But driving to their house, confirming they are home, knocking on their door, even putting gas in your car to do all of the above – complete unnecessary waste of time.

They want their problem solved in the easiest way possible, and that is by phone.



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