Do your own research before your clients do!

We owe it to our prospective clients to know what we are talking about.

When a prospect asks you about a particular company, and you don't know anything about that company, SEARCH IT.

I have been asked, in the last six months, to represent and promote two companies that a simple Google search reveals have HORRIBLE financial histories that are out there for the public to see.

If you think that your newly signed client will not be searching Google for the name of the company that will hold their financial future in their hands, you're mistaken. They will do the searching, even if you won't.

So, do your “due diligence” and search for the company history and see what your clients will see when you are confronted with a question about a company or considering representing one.

This morning's support ticket was an agent asking why I do not offer Shenandoah Life.

This was part of my reply:

There is no way in the world I would put someone with a company that has such a history.

A simple Google search, which you should have done and your clients WILL DO will usually solve these.
You should research any company that your prospects mention

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