Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold

This old saying is so true about those adventurous small business owners, like us, who start every day boldly helping others and building our individual fortunes in the process.

Thanks to my man, Cesar Rodriguez for his Snapchat story today where he said, “Fortune Favors the Bold“.

Cesar is known for this.. ask yourself:

“What would my business be like if I were 10 times BOLDER than I am right now?”

That's a terrific question to ask. If fortune does, in fact, come to the bold, and boldness is the driving factor behind your business success, then it would stand to reason that being 10 times more bold means you will have ten times the results, and it's true. Whenever you are ready to really let go and let go out doubts, fear, and intimidation by what you don't know and press forward with what you DO know – that's when the floodgates start to open up. That's where the magic happens.

Practice it until you perfect it. Don't let great get in the way of good. Get going NOW.

Be bold!

-Chris Westfall

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