July 5, 2022 Office Meeting

We did an internal look at our numbers for the past few months.

See meeting notes under the video:


  • Annual Certs – Start this week w/ AHIP
    1. Office Chat – too much banter/memes. 
      1. This is a work chat first and foremost. I love that we have an office full of people who enjoy being around each other, but the “work hard” part has to come before the “play hard” part. 
      2. We are losing real work chats amidst the chatter. 
      3. When agents are on the phone every one of those is a notification dinging in their ear. I’m surprised none of them have snapped on us yet. 
      4. SMS has access to all our chats. They aren’t actively watching us, but if there was ever an issue where HR called our chats into question, do you want to be remembered as the person who speaks in memes and gifs? 
    2. Back to Basics of Medicare
      1. Part A does NOT have a 20% coinsurance. 
      2. Costs at a Glance from Medicare is a great tool for explaining how Part A vs. Part B works: https://www.medicare.gov/your-medicare-costs/medicare-costs-at-a-glance
    3. Cliented wanted to wait until the end of his OE to enroll to save money. Was then mugged and landed in the hospital where he will now owe the full Part A deductible. 
      1. Great story to share with our healthy clients who want to risk having A/B only. No matter how healthy you are, you are still taking a big risk. Life is full of surprises. 
    4. Make sure you are checking the notes and sending the correct booking links. 
      1. We should make an effort to get leads/clients back to their most recent agent if they want to add DVH, Cancer, etc. Ideally should not be using the random booking link for these. 
    5. Use the Sales Call Checklists
      1. Continue to get clients calling/emailing that they were surprised by the initial draft. 
      2. Make sure you are reviewing these important points with them again at the end of the call. 
  • LA Pro – Quoting D-SNP
    1. If you don’t have extra help/Medicaid status added under their profile, LA Pro will quote the premium the client would pay if they lost their Medicaid mid-year.  See example here.
  1. June Competition Winners: 
    1. Sales (Most Cross Sales Q2) 
    2. Admin (Total Call Count Q2)
  2. July Contest
    1. Sales- Best Closing Ratio
    2. Admin- Most calls answered
  3. June Sales- Looking good
    1. DVH Ratios improving overall – shooting for at least 30% (anything under 10% and you aren’t bringing it up enough)
    2. Cancer Sales- an improvement from half the office – 5% is the bare minimum – this is not a high standard. You should be shooting for 20%


  1. What happens when an insurance company goes into receivership?
    1. Reinsurance 
    2. State guarantee fund
    3. GI right if the company goes under
  2. Letting clients off the phone before they submit their signatures – don't do it.
  3. While we are writing Prosperity Life Medicare Supplement (SLBI), their Underwriting has approved 1 out of 5 cases, so far.



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