SCREENED Telemarketed Medicare Supplement Leads (RECOMMENDED)


Screened, Exclusive Leads, Age 67-79


Data called includes seniors aged 67 to 79 years old, with income over $30,000 per year, and said they are interested in shopping for a new Medicare plan or replacing their existing Medicare insurance.

They are then asked if they are currently paying more than $100 per month for their Medicare Supplement and then they are screened to have not had a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis in the past two years or have cancer now.

There is no guarantee that they are insurable or could qualify to make a change.
They have said that they are interested in looking into Medicare insurance.

Price is $18 for Non-Members, or $15 for Signed-in Members of

The state/location where you want leads from is gathered at the Checkout  Page, once you have already selected the number of leads.

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