How Do You Respond to Advantage Commercials?

Medicare Advantage commercials fill the airwaves on every television network. Hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars are being spent to lure seniors out of their original Medicare and into HMO's where it seems like they promise everything short of unicorns and…


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The only way to know if you’re telling the truth

Yes, it all still works.

See the short video:

Some agents are trying to convince themselves that they're doing what is necessary to build their business. Some even are trying to convince their spouses that they're “working hard” in this business.

The reality is found down at the bank. If the agent is writing 4 to 5 applications a week with absolute COLD market prospecting, they're working and doing it right. If they're writing 4 applications in four months, they're not doing anything right except pretending to be in business.

The only thing that matters, the gauge as to whether or not you're doing it right, is down at the bank. Is the business building? If not, you're doing something wrong or not doing enough of what is right.

The system is proven. End of story.

Chris Westfall

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