2 Lessons in Marketing

Excerpt from https://www.salesgravy.com/sales-articles/automotive/five-lessons-i-learned-at-starbucks.html

“Lesson #1 – Make sure you ask for the business. I have just watched a beggar collect at least $5 worth of donations in the last half hour with a sign that says – “I am saving up for a hooker, weed, wine and a steak dinner.” Not one of the people bothered to read his sign and know what they were even donating for. Not the family man with his wife and children, not the group of older people probably in their 80s, not the business man in the suit, nobody. The beggar obviously learned the power of asking, no matter what.

Lesson #2 – It’s not the money. People pile into Starbucks one after another spending three and four bucks on of a cup coffee. Obviously you can get a cup of coffee at a diner down the street for a lot less money. But yet, people willingly spend a $100 per month or more at Starbucks. Why?

People are buying the experience and the perception of the brand. I am sitting here writing this article in a busy Starbucks and people watching when I could be in the quiet and seclusion of my nice hotel room. The person in the seat next to me is listening to music on an iPod when they could obviously do it for free in the Square with a less expensive cup of coffee. The gentleman in the big living room type chair is reading a novel. People want the experience. Understand your customer and the value they want and the money will become less important. The big three U.S. auto manufacturers give huge rebates, and imports are still kicking their butts. It’s not about the money.”

I'm always surprised with agents who are failing at business discover that it was because they were not asking for the business. They would present options and then just leave it, never politely suggesting that the client move forward with an application.

And, if you feel the product costs too much, it's too hard for them to sign up online with you, or it's crazy for you to ask for their personal information over the phone – so will they. YOUR objection will become their objection. It's true! You have to be convinced, first, that the sale is in their best interest. When you are convinced, get out of your own way – ask for the sale and deserve it and you'll have it.

Chris Westfall

Medicare Supplement Training

“I Want to Think About it” Objection

I want to think about it

Here are some ideas for those times when you hear, “Thanks for the information, I want to think it over and I'll get back to you.”:

Objection: “I want to think it over”

Option 1:

“I understand. Just out of curiosity:

  • “Do you understand that the benefits are exactly the same, just a better cost now, right?”
    • “And do you understand what we mean when we say, nothing changes in your doctor, hospital, and options here, don’t you?”
    • “Then while we’re on the phone together, what other questions do you have?

[If None]

“Then just to clarify my thinking, what part of this do you need to think over?

Option 2:

“Are you going to be thinking over the better Medicare Supplement costs we spoke about today, or about whether or not this solution is the right fit for you?

Option 3:

“I know I’ve given you a lot to think about today, do you mind me asking what part of this you’d like to think over?”

Option 4:

“I understand, and I’m sure you’ve got other options to consider…do you mind if I ask how we’re stacking up to what you’re also looking at?”

Option 5:

“__________, it sounds like you’re probably considering other options as well – do you mind if I ask who else you’re looking into?”


“And how do we stack up compared to them?”

Option 6:

“__________, besides yourself, who else would be weighing in on this?”

Option 7:

“I totally understand; many people I speak with want to consider all their options before making a decision. Tell me, who else is in the running for this?”

Option 8:

“That’s no problem. Level with me, if you would, what would be holding you back from saying yes right now?”


“And is this even a realistic option for you?”

Option 9:

“And as you think about it right now, what would be the major reason for not moving forward with it?”

Option 10:

“I understand – not everyone I speak with is ready to move forward with it right away. Quick question:

“What would you need to see here for you to say yes to the savings/best plan you qualify for?”

Thanks for inspiration from Mike Brooks on these! 

-Chris Westfall

Secret to Closing the Sale

A new podcast was uploaded to iTunes recently answering the question as to what the secret is in closing the sale – any sale.

This was based on much research into where the failures or shortcomings exist where agents are showing a consistent track record of NOT making sales happen, even though they know the technical knowledge and they know how to present the opportunity to save money to the senior client.

It's worth a listen. In the post that holds the podcast, there is a link to a very valuable book by Mike Brooks. Everyone that convinces, influences, or sells by phone should own that book!

See the post here:  Secret to Closing the Sale

Step-By-Step Presentation by Phone

Sometimes when you hear one, two, or three agents tell you that something is working, it is still hard to believe that you can do it, too. I get that. So, I'm bringing you more detailed, step-by-step information on how…


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Medicare Update Webinar 07-18-14

This was the update webinar from July 18, 2014. Update from the companies active in the marketplace right now. Covered the Yes Yes Yes closing formula to get the client on your side. See the video: Mentioned in the webinar:…


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Cesar Rodriguez – Yes Formula

Cesar is now a friend of mine and has some great content in his free webinar that you can attend with the link below.

I guarantee you will get A LOT out of this.

“Former 21yr old Clueless, Broke College Kid Reveals The Secret Lead Generation, Prospecting, & Closing Techniques He Used to Earn His First Million Dollars By The Age of 29″

See the webinar at this link:   https://medicareagenttraining.com/go/yesformula/


A little clip from our Self Improvement Page on Cesar:

Caesar Rodriguez on Destination Thinking