How to Select an FMO for Medicare Sales

Here, in this real call I received from an FMO recruiting operation, you can hear some good questions you should be asking before you are contractually obligated to an FMO. 

See the video, then the tips underneath:

Questions to ask:

  1. Full commission. This means nothing short of the same the carrier offers, directly.
  2. Release upon request. The top FMO in the country DOES NOT offer releases, ever. Find out.
  3. Actual sales experience in the market.
    (An insurance license is easy to get. How much success have they had actually selling, personally?)
  4. Availability during YOUR sales hours.. Do you speak with clients after hours? Weekends? When is YOUR upline available?
    Bankers hours, only? When will they get back to you on actionable intelligence to help close the sale?
  5. How many “President's Club” and Carrier Awards trips has your immediate upline been on? What does that mean or not mean?
  6. Relationship with carrier reps who know what products are coming, where, and when.

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Gerber Life Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance


Gerber Life Contracting Now Available

The Gerber Life guaranteed issue life plan is now available for sale through independent agents.
This plan has no health questions and effective immediately upon acceptance. 
In the first year, if death occurs, 110% of the premiums paid are returned (unless accidental death – then full face amount).
The same through year two. From year two plus one day, it pays the full amount for death for any reason.


1) What is the commission for Gerber's Guaranteed Issue plan?

60%, paid As Earned only – no advancing is offered

2) What is the chargeback policy if death happens in the first two years?

100% of the first year commission in year one. 50% if death occurs in year two (of all commissions paid).

3) Is the Electronic Application process available to independent agents?

Yes, and it's super easy. Voice or online signature options are available. However, the first application MUST be submitted by paper, on any product, in order to activate your appointment and access to the E-app process.

4) Will independent agents also have access to the very-popular Gerber Grow Up (child) plan?

Yes, same way. Paper application is required for the first policy application.



Gerber Agent Contract


Guaranteed Life_product_brochure

Also available through this contracting:

Grow Up Plan Brochure

College_Plan Brochure

Agent Application Chart forms by state

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