UA Webinar on using Screen Share

United American is a very traditional company. They still use the old I-Pipeline application online and the signature process for the client is frustrating, most often. However, this presentation (video below) by Dave Oliver hits some really good points on…


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Trouble Getting Personal Information with Telephone Sales

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Are you regularly struggling with objections when it comes time to get personal information for an application when selling by phone?

I saw a question posted in an online forum where an agent was continuing to have objections when asking for the client's Social Security Number on the application.

The problem is ALWAYS trust and credibility.

If you at the application and then you discover there is a trust issue, it is a systemic problem with your overall presentation.
The trust and credibility should be firmly established very early, and often, in the presentation. It can never be skipped.

In fact, they will hear NOTHING of the particulars of the product or solution you are proposing if they do not, first, have the framework of trust and why they should be listening to YOU in the first place. They are bombarded, everywhere, with public service announcements saying that seniors should never give out their personal information over the phone. And they shouldn't.

What makes YOU different and worthy of receiving this information? THAT is the question going on in their head, the whole time you are talking.

We cover this extensively on this members-only page:

See the video:

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