Doctor Reimbursements for Medicare

This is a good article that goes in depth into how doctors are reimbursed by Medicare.

Our our latest webinar, Feb 15th, we covered how the Medicare Supplement plans compare and which ones take care of “Excess Charges”.

While most clients will not want to be experts in provider pay from Medicare, this article provides more than enough detail for your information. Clients usually will not want to get “into the weeds” to this extent, but it is good information for the agent to know.

Here's the great article:



February 15 Webinar Replay

Topics Covered: Changes in Medicare and Doctor Acceptance “The DOC Fix”  – Sustainable Growth Rate Medicare Overcharge Measure (MOM States) Medicare Overcharges /Excess Charges History on Plan N   <– Important to know 2010 Medicare Modernization 40 Minutes of Agent Questions…


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