Mutual of Omaha Cancer Plan Webinar

This is the new (in 2017) Critical Advantage Portfolio webinar. This plan from Mutual of Omaha covers Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke. This plan is unique in that it also covers Alzheimer's Disease. The Critical Illness (comprehensive) policy can be…


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Cross Selling Brings BIG Money per Case

Instead of a case that would pay $269.69, this video shows how the commission, first year, is $1,067.70 because CJ asked told of the availability of the cancer plan. He asked about heart attack/stroke coverage, and he asked about life coverage.

This sweet lady was used to paying $700 per month for her employer plan that had restrictions, networks, and co-pays. Now, she has a MUCH better plan (Plan G), lump sum coverage for Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, AND permanent Life Insurance coverage locked in now at the age of 64.

The is in a much better position, fully covered, and happy with her new security and price.

See the video:

Perfect example of a great cross sell.

CIGNA's electronic application makes this point and click easy without having to re-enter the client's information again in multiple applications.

Decades ago, companies like McDonald's learned that if you merely asked, “Would you like fries with that?” that a significant amount of people WOULD. Their profit is all in the extras..just like the movie theaters. They make nothing on the ticket sales. It is all on concessions.

This is good coverage, provides peace of mind, and because of a process like this, helps the agent to make additional income by taking care of clients in a meaningful way.

Learn how to sell cancer policies, etc. at:

CIGNA Webinar on Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke

CIGNA (ARLIC) webinar on their Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke indemnity plan that can be sold in conjunction with their Medicare Supplements, all 100% online by phone. Webinar was held on 4/29/13….


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