The Grass is Greener with the Next Opportunity

Friday, November 22, 2013 Webinar Why does it always appear “the grass is greener” at the next opportunity? Covered in the webinar: 1) Effective Dates and How to Set Them 2) Using Send Out Cards with New Prospects (See example below)…


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Residual Income and Insurance Sales

Medicare Supplement Training


I'm often asked, by agents considering coming into the niche of marketing insurance to seniors,

“Which way should I go? Life insurance sales or Medicare Supplement sales”

See the video:

The question really is, are you looking for one-time income or residual income?
If you can pay your bills right now, while starting to build your residual income, that's the best strategy.

Life insurance should be pursued in niche marketing. “The riches are in the niches.”
Medicare Supplement sales should be pursued to build a residual income for the future. This is a great retirement plan.

Mentioned in the video: – Medicare Training

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Chris Westfall
[email protected]