What vehicle are you riding for Medicare sales?

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Hey it's Chris Westfall. I've got a

thought of the day for you and I heard

this this morning from another insurance

professional and I thought it was really

cool it's so true and exactly what we do

you know growing up as a kid I used to

watch westerns used to watch Bonanza and

all the wild wild west Six Gun shootin

westerns and if you think about it back

in the 1800s the night early 1900s when

they wanted to send mail they had the

Pony Express that was the way to send

mail and what it was was one writer

headed in a direction on a horse and he

would ride as fast as he can from one

location to the next when he got to the

stop off location what would he do he

would drop off his bag and pick up

another one and he would change his

horse why would he change the horse

because if he rode the same horse

continually for whatever it was 15 hours

that day the horse would drop dead and

would be of no use to anyone so he would

have to change horses or else risk

having a dead one and not going anywhere

so what's the point the point is if

you've been selling insurance the same

way for 20 or 50 whatever-it-is years

and I hear from agents who always tell

me had one this morning said I've been

doing things successfully for the last

five years in Medicare everything's been

working Direct Mail seeing people in

person but things are slowing down even

tried seminars and less people are

showing up to the seminars less people

want to go out and show up to a seminar

and the cost of direct mail to get

people there is going up all the time so

the return on investments getting worse

and worse well the question is what do

you do when your horse starts dying this

statement that's the question what do

you do when your horse that you've been

riding starts dying you need to change

horses and get on one that'll ride

faster cleaner and more healthy to

what's going on now and how would argue

as they had a conversation with an agent

last week I would argue that the time

for horse and buggies is over yes the

horse and buggy will still get you to

destination but since they came out with

things like electric cars that it gets

you zero to sixty and three point

whatever seconds why would you if you

want to get faster if you want your

business to grow if you want things to

be able to scale why would you continue

to drive a horse and buggy if that's

your goal because we all have a finite

period of time every day however much

time you want to put in I like putting

in 12-hour days and then that's about

enough but we all have the same 12 hours

a day that we could put toward our

business why would you want to ride a

slow horse if you could ride a rocket

and that's the only point does it take a

new set of skills to learn how to do

things today with electronic

applications and having conversations

and building rapport and doing

electronic applications over the phone

yes it does so spend a weekend with your

chosen carriers getting to know their

underwriting their health questions and

their electronic application process

practice it with their electronic

applications practice it in the sandbox

where it doesn't go anywhere what we do

with the new carriers application is

we'll write an application on meds up

for Mickey Mouse

we won't obviously put it all the way

through but that's how we get familiar

with the new electronic application you

obviously don't want to do it like that

on the phone with someone you want to do

it ahead of time so there's plenty of

time to get acclimated to the new

technology one time so that you're

riding a rocket or an electric car as

opposed to a horse or still using the

horse and buggy like we used to use 20

years ago that's again if you're

comfortable where you're at you're

comfortable with your level of income

and how much you can bless other people

from what you're making been great stay

where you are but I've always found that

my biggest breakthrough an income and

being able to make a difference and make

an impact on people in my community has

been when I step out of what is

comfortable when I step out of what I've

always done I step out of what's

comfortable I break through and make

another introduction I meet somebody for

the first time I do a live event and

have a hundred agent show up when I go

out of my comfort zone and do those kind

of things it helps not only me but it


family it helps my agents it helps other

people's business it helps more clients

on a you know multiple scale so I just

encourage you to step out from where

you're comfortable do something you

haven't done before change your horse if

your horse is dying and by all means be

open to what's working now I hope that's

been a benefit to you my name is Chris

West of all if I can help you reach out

have a great day



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