Improve Your Website, or Get Lost on Google Search

Google is implementing the “Page Experience Update” where they will begin penalizing websites that users might find annoying, slow, a bad experience, etc. There are a bunch of signals they are looking for and they are calling these “core web vitals.”

Here is a great explanation of what to look out for in your website and some suggestions on what you can do to fix these problems if they exist.

There are also some valuable resource links under the video:


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How Do You Respond to Advantage Commercials?

Medicare Advantage commercials fill the airwaves on every television network. Hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars are being spent to lure seniors out of their original Medicare and into HMO's where it seems like they promise everything short of unicorns and…


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WordPress Sites Under Attack

October 19, 2017

A recent warning by the security experts at Wordfence indicate a higher-than-normal amount of scanning of WordPress sites by hackers looking for SSL security key information. If stored incorrectly, private key information on your server could easily expose your site to exploitation and that can be the loss of business.

Here is a link to the Wordfence warning and this is the tool they recommend to scan your site to see if it is vulnerable right now.

Ironically, just two days ago, Chris Westfall made a post on how to not only secure your website for upcoming Google loss-of-search prevention but a way to do it free and easier than installing your own SSL security certificate (which is a huge pain). To see that secure post, click here:

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Warning for WordPress Users – IMPORTANT

A few weeks ago, over 100 websites hosted on my server got infected because someone did not have their WordPress page updated.

This vulnerability cannot be allowed to continue, so with that warning, here is a VERY important message for ANYONE with a WordPress site. If you do not watch this, or implement these steps, it is only a matter of time before your web site is utilized by hackers to further their business. Your web hosting provider will eventually shut down your site, too, as they see the site being taken over by “Malware” (malicious software).

Please watch this important video:
( I recommend maximizing it to full screen at the highest resolution to see the detail.)