West Virginia Special Rules for Med Supps


West Virginia Medicare Supplement

West Virginia has always had a law that prohibits agents/companies from writing Medicare Supplements more than 30 days from the effective date.
This was a very strange restriction and quite bothersome for any agents working the Turning 65 “T65” market in West Virginia.

Well, it appears they're coming around.

In a notice just recently issued, West Virginia is becoming lenient on this issue, and the carriers are starting to respond by now allowing a case to be written 90 days in advance of the effective date.

See West Virginia's Notice Here

(Note that in most states you can write 6 months in advance.)

So, applications can now be written up to 90 days in advance of the Medicare effective date. It's not clear when the various carriers will catch on to this, but now you have the document in case you need to send it to them!

More to come, for sure..

-Christopher Westfall
[email protected]


Best time to start a new Medicare Supplement plan

This is a public post answering the question, “When is the best time to start my new Medicare Supplement plan.”

This answers the question as to the best effective date for a new Medigap plan.

NOTE: For those on Medicare Disability, and turning 65, the effective date of their >65 Medicare Supplement has to be ON THEIR exact birthday… NOT on the first of their birthday month.

Why? Because since they're already on <65 Medicare, due to disability, THEIR Open Enrollment period starts actually on their birthday. So, you can write Plan G, etc. because of Open Enrollment, but it cannot start before their actual birth day.