WARNING: For those recommending GOODRx

If you have been recommending that your senior clients utilize GoodRx for determining the best local source for their drugs, this is something you will want to know.

GoodRx has entered into an exclusive agreement with GoHealth to provide Medicare plan information and marketing to all GoodRx users.

This means that, for every person you have referred to GoodRx, they are now being marketed through that platform to get their Medicare insurance needs now met through GoHealth.

Here is the press release – click here.

We will have a solution for our agents and members to this situation very shortly – stay tuned!


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2 comments on “WARNING: For those recommending GOODRx

  1. Me too! Have to get an eblast out asap.
    Just another large call center trying to steal business. Really good at onboarding and that’s about it. Retention is really bad. There’s currently a class action suit against a couple of them for securities fraud.

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