Appointment Follow Ups

I found this kind of follow up to be critical to help prevent folks from taking our information and then going directly to the carrier or to another agent with what we had brought them.

This process will also help when you have given all of the GOOD information to a prospect, who then is inclined to take it to their FORMER agent, who probably gave them bad advice to begin with.

See this recent support ticket on this very topic:
<[email protected]@>


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Mid-February 2016 Medicare Update – IMPORTANT

In this update, we cover a new product launch coming out this summer, also Q&A on why companies change their names and how to overcome the #1 objection you get when selling by phone. Also, I talk about pre-existing conditions…


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How to Mail Policies to Clients

When Chris Westfall mails policies to clients (which is required in certain states like LA, WV), he does so in a “priority express” envelope that gets special treatment/perception by the client, but costs no more than first-class postage. These envelopes do not require Priority or Express postage – mere first class stamps!

See the video explanation:

You can get these priority/urgent envelopes here:


Medicare Supplement Training

Step-By-Step Presentation by Phone

Sometimes when you hear one, two, or three agents tell you that something is working, it is still hard to believe that you can do it, too. I get that. So, I'm bringing you more detailed, step-by-step information on how…


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1Q 2014 Lead Generation Report

As mentioned in the first webinar of 2014, we have a study going on with the following lead sources for the first quarter of 2014.

1) Internet leads targeting Medicare Supplement online leads

– Using AllWebLeads /

2) Direct Mail to 68-72 year olds.  4,000 pieces mailed, split between:

– Using Kramer Lead Marketing's “Medicare Comparison” piece and

– Using “E-80” lead piece

3) Telemarketed Leads using the new discount with the phone room with USA operators.

The study is well underway and updates will be sent to all members when ready.

The final report is here.