Surviving AEP and Life Tips

Surviving AEP means starting with the right frame of mind. We cover agency improvements and important reminders.
See this internal office meeting video below:

See the video:


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Office Meeting September 28 2020

In this week's office meeting, we covered the Blue Shield (CA) household discount, Aetna Medicare Supplement prep for AEP and 1/1 effective dates, Manhattan Life's new $3,000 benefit option and more. See the video: To see more of our office…


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Be VERY Careful Here, Please

There's a bit of a conundrum, a dichotomy, if you will, in the sales world, where you have to be ambitious, you have to have a go getter attitude.
And you cannot be easily dissuaded and give up before you start having progress.

At the same time, though, there is such a  thing as a person with too much ambition. Let me explain. Had a person working for me, who was very ambitious, wanted to be on the leaderboard, wanted to be highly productive, and did everything this person could do to write as many policies as possible.

Sometimes, when blinded by an unhealthy dose of too much ambition, a person can start to take shortcuts, a person can start to
forget to do things that are otherwise impediments to doing more business. And by forgetting to do things I mean, in this case, for getting to ask health questions on Underwritten application, just first, a little bit here and a little bit there, like when the application for health insurance asks,

“Who's your current doctor?”

“What are your current medications?”

And this person, you know, answers all the health questions on the application, but then leaves out the doctors then leaves out the drugs or just put someone and then come to find out starts answering, or asking less and less and less questions of the client.


Because when you ask all the questions appropriately, sometimes not everyone is going to get approved. So what does that mean? If you're blind ambition is to an unhealthy level, it starts making a person who has less integrity than they should to be in this business,  to be literally responsible for someone's health or not to get a procedure paid for or not simply because a person in a capacity of as an agent lies on an application.

Now, is it a lie or is an omission?

I would argue it makes no difference. If someone tells you “YES” to a question on diabetes with complications, for example, and you click “NO”, they've got diabetes with complications. And you put No, that's a lie. If, however, you don't even ask the health questions. That is an omission. It's the same thing as a lie.

If someone went to four specialists in the last three months, and you omitted all that information, and you submitted that application, as if it's the factual upon which the basis of the insurance company will decide whether or not to give that person coverage, or then later to potentially exclude coverage because they identify a material omission on the application, then for all intents and purposes, the agent lied.

Now, why did the person choose to do this? Because they had to have that next sale, had to have that next application.

The reason why insurance companies check the credit of the agents that their contracting is because they know that if your credit score is too bad, then the agent gets too desperate and they start doing shady things bad business. That does happen all the time. So we have to look out for in our industry that we don't get too hungry, that we're willing to do absolutely anything to get the business because there's a healthy balance between doing the right thing for the client, for the carrier and for yourself. And when you start blurring the lines when you accept a little bit of dishonesty, it gets easier and easier and easier.

I challenge you my fellow agents in the community maintain an impeccable credential and reputation.

The Bible says that a reputation is very hard to get. And it's a very valuable thing, a good reputation.

Proverbs 21:22 A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.

And it's true. And all it takes is one accusation, one client making a complaint to the Department of Insurance. Or one case, in our case of an agent being terminated for cause for lying on an application that then by our state law, we are then obligated to report to the Department of Insurance. We have to, if an agent is terminated for cause for lying on an application could ruin a person's life. And it's really not worth it. If you do everything with integrity, sooner or later, that's going to catch up with you.

If you do everything without integrity, and you take that slippery slope, and you go that easier route easier, easier, easier.
You start asking less and less questions on the application. On a life insurance question I've literally heard an agent say

“All I need for the life insurance application is who your beneficiary is.”

No, that's not all you need. It's really not.

Because you're purporting to fill out an application based on 30 health questions or something. So it gets easier and easier to lie, cheat and steal, just for the sole purpose of getting a commission that I would argue you have to fight every day to maintain your integrity, don't even let it in. Don't even let a glimpse of it in not even a blip. Not even one little thing that a person Oh, I forgot to ask that question. I'll just go ahead and wing it. I'll do I'm sure it'll be fine.

Luke 12:2 “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known.”

That's true. And if there becomes a certain pattern, like we saw in this situation, and we go back to another one and another one and another one, and they can see literally a pattern of getting worse and worse and worse.

So I encourage you to go forward with integrity.

There's plenty of business, there's plenty of healthy enough people out there.

There are plenty of people out there who are going to give you referrals of other good people like them. If you keep on pressing toward the mark of doing things with integrity, there's enough business, you'll do it the right way.

You don't need to take shortcuts and you don't need to look for the magic pill. The magic pill is hard work.
It's talking to enough people. It's sorting the people like you're supposed to, because you're representing not only the client, but also the insurance company. And if everybody was just out there willy nilly answering all the questions no or never even asking the questions in the first place, insurance itself would be unaffordable for other people to buy. We have to set a higher bar in our industry so that we, as insurance professionals, get and then maintain higher reputation than we enjoy right now.


Accendo Final Expense Life

The Accendo Final Expense product is a huge win for both clients and agents. Related Posts: Accendo Medicare Supplement Aetna E-App and Walk Through The Accendo Medicare Supplement AND Final Expense products are already included with your Aetna Senior Products…


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Mutual of Omaha Sales Leaders Trip 2018

The Mutual of Omaha Sales Leaders trip for 2018 was awesome. We went to Milan, Italy the week before and then met the Mutual trip folks in Killarney, Ireland right after spending St. Patrick's Day in Dublin. What a trip…


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Cross Selling Brings BIG Money per Case

Instead of a case that would pay $269.69, this video shows how the commission, first year, is $1,067.70 because CJ asked told of the availability of the cancer plan. He asked about heart attack/stroke coverage, and he asked about life coverage.

This sweet lady was used to paying $700 per month for her employer plan that had restrictions, networks, and co-pays. Now, she has a MUCH better plan (Plan G), lump sum coverage for Cancer, Heart Attack or Stroke, AND permanent Life Insurance coverage locked in now at the age of 64.

The is in a much better position, fully covered, and happy with her new security and price.

See the video:

Perfect example of a great cross sell.

CIGNA's electronic application makes this point and click easy without having to re-enter the client's information again in multiple applications.

Decades ago, companies like McDonald's learned that if you merely asked, “Would you like fries with that?” that a significant amount of people WOULD. Their profit is all in the extras..just like the movie theaters. They make nothing on the ticket sales. It is all on concessions.

This is good coverage, provides peace of mind, and because of a process like this, helps the agent to make additional income by taking care of clients in a meaningful way.

Learn how to sell cancer policies, etc. at:

Week in Review – March 21, 2014

Covered in this week's video: Equitable Webinar on new Spouse Discounts Outsourcing Webinar – Where, Who, How, Why LIVE Demonstration Video of Actual Sale Oxford Webinar – Life, Medicare, Annuities Unlimited Sales Data for $49.95 per month  …


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When to Cross Sell and When Not to Cross Sell

I'm often asked, “WHEN is the best time to ask your client, or potential client, about other products that they may be interested in?”

Yes, there are plenty of things that your clients may eventually want to purchase, but the best thing to do is to first make them a client, preferably by saving them money. Then, and only then, talk about cross selling other products to your Medicare Supplement client.

Also see this related post:



Residual Income and Insurance Sales


I'm often asked, by agents considering coming into the niche of marketing insurance to seniors,

“Which way should I go? Life insurance sales or Medicare Supplement sales”

See the video:

The question really is, are you looking for one-time income or residual income?
If you can pay your bills right now, while starting to build your residual income, that's the best strategy.

Life insurance should be pursued in niche marketing. “The riches are in the niches.”
Medicare Supplement sales should be pursued to build a residual income for the future. This is a great retirement plan.

Mentioned in the video: – Medicare Training

Thanks for watching..

Chris Westfall
[email protected]



Medico new travel bonus- webinar

This is an updated Medico webinar covering all of their available plans, their online enrollment process, and their new travel benefit for agents – this is an awesome rewards program. Cancer plans are a HUGE part of senior marketing and…


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CIGNA Final Expense Now Available

The CIGNA final expense product is now available in certain states. As usual, you can find the webinar here! Here are the states where this product is currently available:   Click the image below to see the webinar on the…


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Where to Focus – The Riches are in the Niches

From a forum post by Christopher Westfall

I started by doing final expense two days per week and Med Supps the other four (worked six days). Had a family of six to feed and failure was not an option.

This kept a very good income, while building my Medicare block at the same time.

Unfortunately, many people look at this as either a “Get Rich Quick” opportunity or a hobby. They expect to invest nothing, chase continual offers of “free leads”, etc. and cannot for a minute fathom putting money into their own business.

This is just like a franchise opportunity, except that there is a much smaller barrier to entry. You can start small and stay small, eventually quit like 80% do, or you can treat it like the business that it is and put money into it, expecting a result.

Unlike a franchise, you can be profitable and doing very well in this industry in under two years without mortgaging your entire future. That is, unless you've taken one of those “free leads” deals and sold your future renewals by way of a smaller contract on the back end.

As for ages, I have found the most success by fishing in the blue ocean. By that I mean that there is a red ocean, where all of the sharks are pouncing on, in this case, the Turning-65 senior. Everyone has the same plan and they're all tripping over each other to fight for the same, finite group of people.

Meanwhile, I'm in the blue ocean calling on people who have not heard from their agent in two, three, or more years. These people are frustrated with their rate increase and do not know where to turn. I don't have agents coming right behind me or competing for the same client in the same space.

So, I would encourage you to diversify your business to survive today and still build your Medicare supplement renewals at the same time. It is simple to do both, as neither are complicated.

As to the geography of being limited by plans, that is only in your mind. There are no geographical limitations to where you can sell medicare supplements..  so find a market where you can sell entirely by phone to an under-served market. On this site, you can learn how to sell medicare supplements by phone easily.

You can even get good at locating where the major player are announcing significant rate increases, and a new carrier is launching in that same state. I call that the perfect storm.

Lastly, do not give your insurance contract to someone that you know, up front, is not offering training.
Yes, you can pay to get training elsewhere, but that is the quid pro quo for having given your contract in the first place.

Best of luck… remember to treat it like the business it is.

It requires relentless persistence on your part, taking care of your clients continuously, and beginning with the end in mind.

You could find yourself five years from now with a very significant residual income and a constant flow of referrals to new clients.






Foresters PlanRight Final Expense Questions and Answers – Nonmember Preview

Today, I received some help from my son, CJ, on announcing the latest webinar recording for members of
Foresters, today, held a webinar on questions they've received from the field about the PlanRight product.

They also went over the Foresters website and showed the quoting tools, submissions process, etc.

Check out this video introduction.

The link to the webinar replay is right here, and for members only.

Members only

Foresters Legal Link Benefit – nonmember view

Foresters has some very unique member benefits, not the least of which is this awesome benefit called Legal Link.

This is a membership into the Legal Club of America, paid for entirely simply by being a member (certificate holder) of Foresters. There is no extra charge for the legal club benefit, other than being a Foresters member.

Your clients will love this. Foresters has great life insurance products including term, UL, and final expense insurance.
They also have a very inexpensive accidental death-only policy.

Last week, Foresters announced additional states where they will accept a 100% telephone-only application for their final expense product, called PlanRight.

See the Planright 100% by phone availability map here.

Watch this video on the awesome Legal Link benefit, which goes far beyond just offering a Last Will & Testament.

Foresters contracting is available here, or through your regular FMO channel.
Click the image to watch the video:

Members only

This webinar aired on June 6, 2013.
Its replay is for agents only and limited to members of


Questions?  Write to us here with your questions about Foresters.


Foresters Legal Link – an incredible benefit

Foresters has some very unique member benefits, not the least of which is this awesome benefit called Legal Link.  This is a membership into the Legal Club of America, paid for entirely simply by being a member (certificate holder) of…


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